Mexico's polystyrene
leader since 1978.
Exporting to North America, Latin America and
Europe for over 20 years
Our competitive
advantage: our
Customer service and tech support
with our characteristic warmth
A dynamic company with a
diversified product portfolio
With our polystyrene, transparent copolymer, technical
compound, monomer and solvent product lines, we serve
numerous industries.

Our business segments



With a wide variety of Crystal Polystyrene (GPPS) and Impact Polystyrene (HIPS) grades, we satisfy the needs of the different manufacturing and performance processes.

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Transparent copolymers

With the styrene as one of our strengths, we developed specialty copolymers for applications where aesthetics and performance are a competitive advantage.

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Technical Compounds

Our experience in compounding allows us to develop tailor made solutions with products such as Thermoplastic Elastomers (TPE), mineral charge compounds and fiberglass (base PP and PA6), as well as Color Concentrates (Master Batch).

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Industrial Chemicals

Our leverage and privileged position in the chemical industry credits us as a relevant actor in the commercialization of Monomers, Solvents, Binders and Mineral Oil for several industries.

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A new generation of polymers called Bio-based Polymers, wich have biomass incorporated in their process. This development has allowed the creation of new bridges between the agricultural and chemical industries as part of a responsible management of our resources.

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Resirene: a KUO company Grupo Kuo is a Mexican industrial conglomerate with global
activities, presence in over 70 countries and more than
18,000 employees.

Slide Living INNOVATION as
a culture
We create products and solutions for
several industries and changing

We are dedicated to our PEOPLE,
our COMMUNITY and our
that's why we actively participate in Sustainability and Social
Responsibility programs

Carretera Federal Puebla-Tlaxcala Km 15.5
ZIP CODE 90780 Xicohtzinco, Tlaxcala | MEXICO
Tel. +52 (222) 223 – 3100