We are responsible for
Maintaining a
positive relationship
with the COMMUNITY
and our target
Contributing to the WELL-BEING
of future generations

Commitment to the Environment

We are fully aware that we must maintain a balance between our production activities and our environment. That is why RESIRENE is constantly involved in programs to guarantee the health and safety of our employees, our neighbors and our environment.

We maintain working standards that make us a CLEAN INDUSTRY, a certification granted by the Federal Office for Environmental Protection (PROFEPA).

Furthermore, fully aware that while the use of plastic has countless benefits for modern society’s consumer patterns, it poses major challenges in terms of handling and disposal at the end of its useful life, RESIRENE also plays an active and permanent role in forums and associations that work on these matters, such as:


  • National Association of the Chemical Industry (ANIQ) through the Commission of the Plastics, Responsibility and Sustainable Development Industry (CIPRES)
  • Ecology Division of the National Association of the Plastics Industry (ANIPAC).

Social Responsibility

We are KUO People

At RESIRENE and the rest of Grupo KUO, we are committed to our employees, the environment and the community, and we look for and apply solutions that contribute to the well-being of future generations.

Grupo KUO’s Social Responsibility policy is based on respecting and fulfilling the following principles:

  • Equal opportunities
  • Freedom of association
  • Refusal of child labor
  • Quality of life in the company
  • Safety in operations
  • Positive relationship with the community
  • Recognition of the UN’s Universal Declaration of Human Rights
  • Fight against corruption

Particularly, RESIRENE was recognized in 2016 as a Socially Responsible Company by the Mexican Center for Philanthropy (CEMEFI).

To turn this philosophy into a reality, at RESIRENE we engage with our community and support various programs that strengthen it, enrich us as a company and as individuals and solidify this positive cycle and relationship.

Slide Programs we are
involved in:
Some of the programs we are involved in are:

• Granting scholarships to our workers' children
• Supporting education through the Lazos Foundation
• Participation in Habitat for Humanity's Pink Brigade