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we promote and favor them in all our areas
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Research + Development

RESIRENE’s business strategy includes measures to optimize, diversify and differentiate our products and processes, a must for any organization that wants to be at the forefront of its industry. In this regard, RESTIRENE’s technology strategy is to create its own technology establishing solid links with research institutions, transforming these efforts into major investments and aggressive research and technology development programs.


The main resource for our innovation process –as with all of our processes– is the TALENT of our people. That is why our R+D department includes employees that specialize in polymer science and use their experience to advance the trends and needs of our customers and markets, guiding us in projects to develop new processes and products such as the following technologies:

  • Copolymerization in continuous mass processes
  • Development of transfer agents to design copolymers in blocks functionalized using RAFT processes
  • Obtaining compatibilizing agents to develop mixes and alloys of traditionally immiscible polymers
  • Design of polymers with inert fillers to improve properties and performance in demanding applications

RESIRENE’s constant commitment to R+D processes enables our talented team to perform their tasks in the best possible way because they rely on a vast TECHNOLOGY INFRASTRUCTURE in our specialized laboratories:

  • Advanced characterization, where we apply Chromatography, Spectroscopy, Rheology, Thermal and Optical Analyses.
  • Polymer synthesis in laboratory and escalation in pilot plant.
  • Development of technical compound formulas using double spindle extrusion.
  • Processing and Performance, where we determine the macromolecular –mechanical and thermal– properties of our products, as well as their performance in transformation processes such as injection, extrusion and thermoforming.

Our Innovation Culture

Our Innovation Culture

Is based on company-wide collaboration, where our talent and ideas enable us to react to opportunities, adapt to changes and reinvent constantly.

Our culture is based on three pillars: having a workplace Environment and spaces that are conducive to innovation; attracting, motivating and retaining the best Talent; and having an agile and flexible project management Process.

Product Innovation

The following are examples of products and processes to obtain materials that RESIRENE has developed through Product Innovation:

Product Innovation

Hiflex®. Chemical- and weather-resistant polystyrene-polyolefin alloys.

CET®. Styrene-acrylic copolymers with a wide variety of uses, where the transparency-resistance balance is the key differentiator.

Biorene®. Starch- and traditional plastic-based thermoplastic hybrid resins (PE, PP, PS), where up to 40% of fossil content is replaced with renewable biobased content.

Resalloy®. Family of styrene copolymers functionalized to compatibilize styrene resins with other plastics.